What's an Intigua VAI package?

The intigua VAI package combines the binaries of the management component (usually an agent) with its configuration.  The agent is the original unmodified agent as supplied by the management vendor.  The configuration information in the VAI is used to control how the agent is run inside a container.

On deployment, a single file is sent to endpoint with the software and configuration.  The agent is no longer 'installed' on the target in it's normal sense, but instead run inside a container.  Similar to the VMWare concept for virtual machines.

The operator using Intigua will take the VAI and use it to define one or more packages.  A package contains the VAI plus more configuration information to allow Intigua to provision the management tool for each specific use case you have.  For example the package may contain a VAI of NetBackup v7.1, the throttling settings, a script used to configure the backend when the agent is deployed, health scripts etc.