Core Server Release Notes

Latest Version: 2.6.9

Build - RPM 175

Intigua Server RPM: 2.6.9 - 9
Intigua Connector RPM: 2.6.9 - 44


Maintenance version 2.6.9 includes a server hot fix in the dymanic groups feature and a connector hot fix that improves performance. 

Usage Instructions:

To upgrade, run rpm -U with all provided RPM files.

To install, run rpm -i with all provided RPM files.


Please contact support to receive a download link.


Version History:


Build - RPM 167

Intigua Server RPM: - 167
Intigua Connector RPM: - 167


Maintenance version 2.6.8 includes a server improvement for syslog server which allows syslog messages to include full details about log messages. There has also been a fix to the connector which resolves a memory leak within the internal hooking mechanism. 2.6.8 also includes a hot fix to the upgrade connector functionality which failed when a "c:\program" file existed on the endpoint.