How to test Sudoers

The explanation is for creating the user "tester" with password "123".

1)  On a target linux machine do the following:

  1. adduser tester
  2. passwd tester  (then type the chosen password: 123)
  3. visudo

Edit the following in the file (by pressing "insert" button):

(a)    Add # to the beginning of the line "Defaults requiretty".

It should look like this: "#Defaults requiretty".

(b)   At the end of the file add the line:


      To save and exit press: ESC --> :x --> Enter

2)      On your core server go to: /usr/share/tomcat/apache-tomcat-XXX/conf/

Edit the file intigua.config.xml:

Add the line: "<sudo-nopassword>false</sudo-nopassword>" over here:







There might be some extra lines in that section, they can be ignored, the relevant line should be added between <install> and </install>.

3)      In your manager go to: UI | Settings | Server accounts | Edit credentials.

Create new linux account – username: tester  ;  password: 123.

Assign this account to a linux machine in "UI | Servers" and try to deploy connector+vAgent.