Connecting Intigua to ServiceNow Workflow

Intigua offers integration with ServiceNow, allowing any action taken by Intigua to be reflected as a change request in ServiceNow, and optionally go through an approval process.

With ServiceNow integration configured, when Intigua is about to take action on a management tool, the following happens:

  1. Intigua creates a change request on ServiceNow
  2. The change request goes within ServiceNow through a human approval sequence or is just logged and auto-approved, according the workflow defined in ServiceNow
  3. Once the change is approved, Intigua carries it out.
To configure ServiceNow integration, the Intigua configuration includes a number of properties. The main properties are:
Additional customizations can be made through the other properties, such as the type of change object being created, the approval status to wait for, timeout for actions waiting too long for approval, etc.